Caught Red-Handed Podcast - henna artists talking about henna

Henna is everywhere these days…online, at festivals, on Twitter, on hands and feet, on Facebook, on bald heads, on brides, but not on the digital airwaves…until now!  Caught Red-Handed will have interviews with all your favorite henna artists from around the world, talking about henna, but straying as far as possible into other areas of interest and inspiration.  I hope to add a new dimension to the artists I interview, giving my listeners new insights into how they came to be the artist they are now.  I hope also to talk to people in other fields tangentially related to henna, like tattoo artists, bellydancers, jewelry designers etc.  I’m open to suggestions of people you’d like to learn more about.

I’ve always loved podcasts and I associate them very closely with my artistic endeavors. I listen to podcasts while I work on my art; they keep my mind focused but allow my eyes to remain on my work.   Podcasts also follow me on bike rides, long train trips, flights, my commute to work etc.  You’ll see some links to my favorite podcasts, all of which have inspired me to create Caught Red-Handed. I hope that I can live up to even just 1/10 their awesomeness.

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